Antigonish, Nova Scotia

We appreciate our fans at Riverside International Speedway and work hard to make sure you get the best possible experience when you visit our facility.

Part of the experience is knowing what to expect when you get here. If you don’t find what you are looking for in the following information you are encouraged to contact us.

No Drone Zone

Unmanned Aircraft/Drone Policy

Riverside International Speedway Inc. (RIS) strictly prohibits the use of any unmanned or remote-controlled aerial vehicles/aircraft (UAV), also known as a drone, on or over RIS property without the explicit written consent of the owner of RIS. The application must be made in writing at least 21 days prior to use and include name of applicant, date/s of use, purpose, proof of operator/s certification and proof of insurance that meets or exceeds RIS requirements. Inquiries and/or applications should be sent to novaconstruction@ns.sympatico.ca. RIS personnel will remove anyone using an unknown UAV on RIS property and/or confiscate the UAV and/or notify law enforcement.

Our Location

Riverside International Speedway is located in James River at exit 30 off Trans Canada Highway 104, between New Glasgow and Antigonish. We are approximately two hours northeast of Nova Scotia’s capital city of Halifax, and from Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

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Approximate distances to some of the larger cities or towns in the region are:

  • Antigonish, Nova Scotia – 13 km/ 8 mi
  • New Glasgow, Nova Scotia – 43 km/ 27 mi
  • Truro, Nova Scotia – 101 km/ 62.7 mi
  • Sydney, Nova Scotia – 200 km/ 124 mi
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia – 200 km/ 124 mi
  • Moncton, New Brunswick – 268 km/ 166
  • Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (via Pictou ferry) – 155 km/ 96 mi
  • Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (via bridge) – 333 km/ 206 mi
  • Bangor, Maine – 747 km/ 464 mi

Visitor Info

Riverside International Speedway is nestled in the picturesque James River area on the Northumberland shore of Nova Scotia, just 10 minutes from the Town of Antigonish. The region is rich in culture with warm interesting people, delicious cuisine, and lively traditional Celtic music. Come for a race and stay to explore the region’s events, attractions, and natural beauty.

Hotels and Motels


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Camping - Terms of Use

Riverside International Speedway (RIS) is committed to providing a safe, comfortable and memorable experience for our guests. To that end, we have established guidelines so that there is a clear understanding by those whose use our property for overnight stays of what is acceptable, and what is not. Thank-you in advance for your cooperation.

The following terms of use are governed by track officials, law enforcement, and government regulatory bodies and are subject to change without notice. RIS reserves the right to amend or implement terms at any time. Failure to comply may result in legal penalties, ejection from the premises, forfeiture of fees, and being denied future access. a PDF version of this document is available for review and/or download.

  • Additional rules are in effect for the IWK 250 event and cover the camping area seven days prior to the event until one day after. They are noted with red type.

RIS is not responsible for personal injuries or damage and/or loss to/of vehicles, RV’s, tents, or other personal property on RIS grounds; use at your own risk. Please familiarize yourself with this document in its entirety; camping on RIS property acknowledges your agreement.

Camping Guidelines


  • All RV’s must be self-contained; there are no serviced sites
  • Onboard tank outlets must be closed at all times; portable restrooms are available if needed
  • There is a ‘tent only’ area; if you do not have an RV please use this section


  • Leave your site as you found it, disposing of garbage in bins that are supplied
  • Sites are filled on a reserved basis in advance of the event – please visit the IWK 250 event page for camping permit applications
  • Permits are issued at check-in and must be clearly displayed at all times
  • The name on the permit is the person responsible for the site and anyone on it. If you are not using a site you booked it should be transferred to the occupant; please see camping area personnel for a new permit


  • RV’s must be parked in designated camping areas ONLY
  • RV’s must park on assigned site parallel to lines
  • Limit of one RV unit, one tent, and one passenger vehicle per campsite (must fit within your site)
  • The hitch couplers for towable trailers must point to fire lane with no exceptions
  • No parking in camping area other than RV’s with permits and the one vehicle allowed per RV permit

Respect Your Neighbours

  • Please respect quiet times; no excessive noise at any time
  • Tent and awning stakes must be marked
  • Campfires must be a minimum 10 feet from any vehicle or structure
  • Campfires are subject to weather conditions and restrictions that may be imposed
  • No fireworks, large bonfires
  • Consumption of alcohol in any public space other than your campsite is strictly prohibited (by law)
  • Offensive signs, drunkenness, profanity or activities that disturb other campers will not be tolerated
  • No unmanned aircraft (drones, etc.) over RIS property under any circumstances


  • Fire lanes must remain open at all times
  • No vending/fundraising without RIS vendor permit
  • Officers from the RCMP and Department of Natural Resources patrol the property and enforce laws as necessary

Motorized Vehicle Guidelines (will be revised for 2018, stay tuned; please ensure compliance before planning to operate at RIS)

This applies to all motorized vehicles including motorcycles, golf carts, off-road vehicles, ATV’s, RUV’s, UTV’s, & OHV’s…

  • Speed limit is 5 mph
  • No motorized traffic after midnight
  • Helmets must be worn at all times, as required by law
  • Driver of any motorized vehicle must have a valid driver’s license; if not, and the provincial laws for the type of vehicle allows for it a valid safety course certificate is required and may be requested

Dog/Pet Guidelines

  • Owners must clean up after their pets
  • Must be controlled and on a leash at all times (no free run)
  • Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated
  • Must be current with vaccines/shots; proof may be requested

Emergency Information

  • If you need to call 911 the RIS address is 101 Beaver Mountain Road, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia
  • Otherwise, please contact track or security personnel

Campground Services – IWK 250 Weekend

For your convenience, these pay-per-use services are available during the IWK 250 weekend (no services otherwise)…

  • Ice Service – bagged ice – roaming vendor
  • RV Pumping Service – roaming vendor
  • Fresh Water Delivery Service – roaming vendor

Code of Conduct – Applies to Campground and Track/Grandstand Area

Please refrain from the following…

  • Behaviour that is unruly, disruptive, or illegal
  • Impairment, through alcohol or other means
  • Foul, abusive or obscene language, gestures, acts, signs, music, or clothing
  • Verbal or physical harassment of other guests
  • Throwing of any objects on the racing surface
  • Fighting, taunting, or threatening remarks or gestures
  • Failing to follow the instruction so RIS staff or security personnel

Guests are responsible for their conduct as well as the conduct of their guests while at RIS. Guests who violate these provisions may be subject to ejection without refund and/or possible loss of ticket and/or camping privileges for future events and/or arrest.

Camping policies are subject to change without notice.

Rain Out Policy

In the event of rain, the program will be temporarily suspended. Every effort will be made to complete the program on the same day after the rain stops. If Riverside International Speedway officials decide inclement weather will prevent the return of safe racing conditions in a reasonable amount of time, the remaining races will be postponed or cancelled as follows:

  1. If no qualifying or heat races have run, your rain check will be honoured at the scheduled rain date.
  2. If a portion of the qualifying events have been completed, 50% of the value of your rain check will be honoured at the next scheduled event.
  3. If the main event is more than 50% complete the show will be considered over.


Please keep your ticket stub as the rain check is attached this is the only way you will be able to compensated in case a portion or full rain out happens.

This policy is subject to change without notice.

Media Credentials

Working journalists in the following categories are welcome to apply for media credentials to cover events at Riverside International Speedway (RIS).

  • Print
  • Broadcast (TV and radio)
  • Online
  • Freelance/ Photographer (must be on assignment)

All applicants must be over the age of 18. Media qualifications will be determined by RIS staff.

Tips for getting your credentials processed quickly and efficiently:

  • Print, complete, and submit our Media Credential Application
  • Be sure to include your business card (first-time submissions)
  • If freelance and/or photographer please be sure to include assignment editor contact information
  • Print and Online only/ First-Time Submissions – It is helpful to provide two or three recent examples of your work

Please allow at least one week for the credential application to be processed. You will receive a confirmation email; in the event you do not receive an email please follow up at info@riversidespeedway.ca (subject ‘MEDIA CREDENTIAL’) at least 48 hours prior to the event.

Media Credentials should be picked up at the pit gate on race day. You will be required to sign a waiver. Your credential will provide access to the pit and grandstand area. Interview requests can be handled in advance – please call 902.444.0703.

To be added to our News Release distribution list please email info@riversidespeedway.ca (subject ‘MEDIA REQUEST’).

Pit Entry Policy

The pit area of a race track is a work area and can be dangerous.

While entry is allowed to non-workers everyone who enters the pit area must first sign a release and admission is restricted to those 18 and older. The only exception to the age policy is for competitors under 18 years of age BUT in order for them to gain entry to the pit area they MUST submit a duly executed Parental Consent Form for Minors  (by both parents/guardians) at least 24 hours in advance of arrival at the pit gate.

All those who enter the pit area, especially on race days, need to be on high alert at all times – particularly for moving race cars – and please respect the work area around the race cars. Drivers will often stop for photos and autographs but don’t be put off if they are focused on the event, and not you – after all, their pit is their workspace.

Track rentals are available for private test sessions.

Track Rentals

Rent Riverside International Speedway for private test sessions

The track is available to be reserved for private practice sessions to teams that race at our facility. Our Track Rental Agreement form must be completed for each rental, and turned in to the track manager prior to the start of the rental. Reservations can be made by calling 902-863-2410 or by emailing info@riversidespeedway.ca.

Rental reservation requests must be made by a team registered to compete at, or with a Touring series visiting, Riverside International Speedway during the current race season. The team will have to have completed a current year Riverside International Speedway Registration Form/Insurance Waiver. The driver of the car must be the person indicated on said form; should a test driver be required they must also complete a Registration Form/Insurance Waiver before driving on the track.

A maximum of three registered teams can share the rental with only one car on the track at a time. Cars participating in the rental cannot be swapped during the rental period, i.e. the three cars at the track must be the same three cars indicated on the rental reservation form.

Rental time slots are noon to 4 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. The team track rental fee is payable in advance at the following rates per four-hour time slot: $150 for one car; $175 for two cars and $200 for three cars. HST is included.


Track Rental Application Policy


All personnel entering the infield area for practice sessions must first sign a release. A Minor’s Release signed by the parents/guardian is required for anyone under the age of 18. Riverside International Speedway strongly advises you to leave anyone not actually driving or working on the race cars out of the pit areas.

Your practice time starts when you enter the gate and finishes when you exit the gates. If you are unable to make your scheduled practice time, you must call to cancel at least 24 hours in advance. “No-Shows” will be automatically billed for the reserved session/s.

Race cars must have, and drivers must wear, all safety and other equipment per rules governing their division.

Rental Fees do not include Fire/Medic personnel or vehicles, wreckers, insurance, or any track staff or equipment. These services are available through the track at an additional fee.

If weather threatens your ability to use the track, call the track manager at 902-863-9614 to confirm the inclement weather at the track and make alternate arrangements. If so, no cancellation penalty will apply.

A minimum of two people are required for each rental and you must have access to a cellular phone while on-site. Should you need emergency assistance call 911 first, then call 902-863-9614* to report the incident to the track. *If not available call 902-863-1596.

You rent the track AT YOUR OWN RISK and you also accept responsibility for any and all persons on-site during your rental. No alcohol or other illegal substances are permitted on-site during the rental. No person under either of these influences will be permitted on-site during the rental.

You are required to clean up any fluid spillages and are responsible for any facility damage that may happen during your rental. You are also required to ensure the pit gate is locked after you enter and when you leave.

Failure to comply with the Riverside International Speedway Team Track Rental Policy & Procedures outlined here and on the team track rental reservation form may result in eviction from the premises and forfeiture of future rental and/or racing privileges.