Antigonish, Nova Scotia

With ample parking for more than 800 recreational vehicles in our designated camping areas, the IWK 250 race weekend sees the population of James River, Nova Scotia swell by thousands – fans that literally move in for a long weekend – all here for a good time, not a long time – to quote Canadian rock legends ‘Trooper‘.

In order to help ensure a good time for all campers and that the privilege of camping at Riverside International Speedway continues for a long time, we ask everyone in the camping area to be aware of, and abide by, the following:

Camping Policies

  • Only one recreational vehicle (RV) per site. Tents are allowed on the same site as an RV.
  • All RVs must be parked in designated camping areas ONLY.
  • RVs MUST be parked parallel to lines, when provided.
  • Reserved sites are available for the IWK 250 weekend only. Please check event details or call 902.863.2410.
  • There is a “tent only” area; if you do not have an RV please use this area as specified.
  • There are no serviced sites; please ensure your onboard tanks remain closed at all times. Portable toilets are available in the designated camping areas.
  • A water truck and a sewage dump truck will be available at bigger events (fee will apply).
  • Quiet times vary by area; please be aware of the time that applies to your site and respect it.
  • All motorized vehicles (golf carts, motorcycles, etc.) must be parked by midnight. Nova Scotia has a helmet law and they must be worn at all times.
  • Garbage bins are located throughout the camping areas; please make sure you use them. Do not litter and please leave your site as you found it.
  • Campfires are subject to weather conditions and approval by the appropriate governing entities; please ensure any fires you start are a safe distance from your neighbours.
  • Track management is not responsible for any vehicles, RVs, tents, or other personal property on site. Park at, and use the space, your own risk.
  • In case of an emergency the track civic address is 101 Beaver Mountain Road, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia.

It is important to note additional policies may be implemented for certain events; details will be included with event information as necessary.

Camping Policies for Special Events

Additional terms may apply for certain events at Riverside International Speedway, including but not limited to:

ALL RULES AND POLICIES WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED – CHOOSING NOT TO RESPECT THEM MAY RESULT IN EVICTION FROM THE PROPERTY (at the discretion of track management and/or contracted security and/or officers of the law who may be on patrol.)

Camping area policies are subject to change without notice.